The Aegis installation will explore the generative and transcendent nature of a viewer's interaction when offered the option of becoming part of the installation itself.

Visually, Aegis will draw on the influence of extreme minimalism, comprised of a pyramid (approximately 23" x 23" x 18") that is suspended in physical space by multiple cords. The pyramid's bottom is about 8 feet off the floor: close enough for a tall person to touch, but out of the direct zone of touch interaction.

Audio textures are produced by a system of ultrasound sensors that are installed in the bottom of the pyramid so that they detect motion in an area under the pyramid. The sensors will be connected to an Arduino microcontroller, which will translate the sensor readings into MIDI continuous controller ranges to be sent to a computer running audio manipulation software that is responsive to viewer interaction, creating an ever-evolving sound environment that is a collaborative creation of the viewer and }hexdump{.

The sensors also drive RGB LEDs located behind symbols cut into the surfaces of the pyramid, adding an engaging visual layer to the installation.

}hexdump{ is the multimedia collaborative project featuring the creative efforts of David Fishell, Leif Hunneman and Loren Tindall. Formed in 1995, }hexdump{ installations have combined audio, visual, sculptural and performance art elements to create a viewer experience that melds cerebral immersion and subjective catharsis.